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TeamBuilding Focus

Mingling with wild Meerkats
Mingling with wild Meerkats
Mingling with wild Meerkats
Observing a tenacious, but gregarious team of meerkats, called the Ungulungu group, who reside close to Cape Town, in the Meerkat Magic valley on the R62, just outside of Oudtshoorn. One is able to observe them at a close distance due to the unique habituation work of Grant McIlrath, conservation biologist and researcher, who is the world expert on meerkat behavior and habituation, having 11 years of experience in the Kalahari desert and Oudtshoorn with these delightful creatures. Grant is behind most of the National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet and BBC documentaries on meerkats during this time. He has an amazing right brain – left brain integration
  • What it takes to create bonds between team players;
  • How to take care of oneself so as to be in peak condition to take care of the rest of the team, as opposed to being a liability to other team players;
  • How to face the competitive ‘war’ together – for the meerkats it is other rival meerkat groups who want to take over the Ungulungu group territory, and for the Stormers / Springbok teams, it is competing against rival rugby teams!


Wild Women, Wild Dogs & Wild Men
Wild Women, Wild Dogs & Wild Men
Wild Women, Wild Dogs & Wild Men
Despite the title of this experience, it does not mean drunkenness and carousing, along with some beautiful females with model-like looks and features! – It means – discovering one’s true masculinity, as illustrated by packs of Wild Dogs at Venetia-Limpopo Nature Reserve. Wild Dogs are an exciting animal species to observe, they hunt twice a day, they are real warriors, and their intelligence is evidenced in the carefully worked out hunting strategies they develop to catch their prey. They are also very good at taking care of one another. A rugby team is not only made up of skilled and talented individual players, but they have to learn that the whole team is greater than the sum of the individual parts!
  • For many years now I have been intrigued that local rugby teams, like our early ancestors, choose animal totems to symbolize the character of the team: we have the Cheetahs, the Blue Bulls, and the Lions etc. what about having the Western Province Wild Dogs! Some of the attributes of this totem, which could symbolize the Western province and Stormers teams include: great ferocity and extraordinary strength and physical endurance; an ability to respond to challenges with clarity, focus and persistence that gives a deeper understanding of personal power, balance, resourcefulness and survival. Teams or clans that imbibe this totem are able to go the distance and acquire what they seek.
  • Getting in touch with own individual skills, strengths & weaknesses.
  • Learning how, with these individual characteristics & attributes to uniquely synchronize as a team.
The Wisdom of Elephants
The Wisdom of Elephants
The Wisdom of Elephants
There are 56 elephants at Pongola Game Reserve, north of Durban at Kwa Zulu Natal that has their own story to tell. How amazing to be able to take advantage of skill development in a unique, yet undiscovered way in Sharks territory!! For some personal information on Pongola Game Reserve you can talk to Selborne Boome, this is where he and his new wife enjoyed their ‘Out of Africa’ experience at the prestigious 5 star tented White Elephant Lodge during their honeymoon! For the Zimbabweans in the team, Pongola Game Reserve will remind you of Kariba, the whole reserve is situated along Lake Jozini with the backdrop of the Lebombo Mountains. Participant rugby players learn from:

  • the power of the elephant bulls and
  • the teamwork of the matriarchal breeding herds,
  • BUT they can also learn a Zulu war dance that will enhance a powerful feeling of being a team that will put the All Blacks to shame!
Darting with Dolphins
This experience takes place just 2 1/2 hours away from Pongola Game Reserve at the Mozambican coastal town of Ponto D’Ouro. Resident in the bay is over 300 playful dolphins. It is an indescribable experience to swim amongst a dolphin pod, in water that is WARM and so translucently clear that one’s underwater visual ability extends for up to 15 meters. The white, wild, untouched Mozambican beaches could also offer a good training ground for strengthening muscles and co-ordination before cooling off in the enticing waves licking at the torturous training ground!
  • The way in-which dolphins relate enhance deeper soul searching, amazingly co-ordinate team play – they may even reveal some good ideas about Springbok rugby strategizing;
  • and they teach one how to be playful and enjoy personal growth and the hard work that necessitates being a team