Love the One You are With VALENTINE Whale Trail Adventure

Treat yourselves this Valentine’s by paying attention to your relationship in a unique and adventurous way.

 Extend your Valentine’s day celebration by joining us at the breathtakingly beautiful De Hoop Nature Reserve near the southern-most tip of Africa from 14th-17th February, 2013.

 Amidst star gazing, whale watching and other delightful activities spend time each day reflecting on some of the light hearted and the more challenging moments in your relationship.

 Group discussions for an hour or so a day, enhance your time away together as Mandy, ecopsychologist, helps you with personal and partnership insights from nature and Claire, couples therapist, teaches you how to increase relationship resilience through understanding and developing four important relationship pillars.

 In these exquisite natural surroundings you will be spoilt with culinary delights and fun evenings. And will leave this enlightening and inspiring experience with lasting benefits.


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This adventure takes place in De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape:  a World Heritage Site and the flagship of CapeNature. It is a 36,000 hectare wilderness treasure-trove of unsurpassed natural diversity of endemic fynbos, diverse buck & bird species ,  several troops of well-behaved, but socially intriguing baboon troops. Every year, some 40% of the world’s southern right whales come to these shores to breed. They come so close to the shore that guests  can relax on the un-spoilt sand dunes, watching in awe as these beautiful creatures calve, blow, breach and belly-flop.

The De Hoop Collection is a unique government / private partnership development that empowers and trains the local workforce and supports developing community initiatives thus making this reserve  a world class tourist destination.


Transfer to Melkkamer across the Vlei

Bonteboks are a beautiful sight with their exquisite markings

On arrival we are transported to our acommodastion: the characterful Vlei Cottage. Daily activities include walks through the rich fynbos plains, bird watching and whale watching of course,  mountain biking through the reserve past eland, bontebok and mountain zebra, lazing on the beach and snorkeling in the many turquoise rock pools or star gazing. Daily reflective, casual discussion groups provide personal  life insights from the experience-of-the-day, as well as an opportunity to learn how to develop four ‘pillars’ that will enhance your relationship. The ultimate intimate Valentine dinner will take place on the last night of your stay – something to look forward to!


Important Itinerary, Costs & Details:





There are several ways in which to participate in this Personal and Professional Development Whale Trail Adventure:

An Investment of R5557 per person for a minimum of 4 couples provides you with:

  •  3 night fully-catered stay in the Vlei Cottage including a special Vlaentine Dinner. The Vlei Cottage which is privately situated across the vlei.
  • A  guided Marine Tour
  • A guided birding and vlei walk
  • Whale watching
  •  An educative and inspiring star gazing experience  and
  • 4 reflective discussion groups to gain personal insights and coupling advantages .