The Wisdom of Elephants, Tribes & Carnivores

Khwai – Kalahari – Hwange

10 Days / 9 Nights

6 Persons


THE WISDOM OF ELEPHANTS, TRIBES & CARNIVORES EXPERIENCE takes place at the diverse venues of :

Khwai African Bushcamp in Botswana where we will observe the CARNIVORES of this experience – Lions.

Leopards and Hyenas;


Grasslands Lodge, also in Botswana, where we will wander the scrubby Karoo Bushveld learning to survive in

the wilderness by knowing the medicinal uses of some of the natural plants in the area, as well as hunting

and tracking the wildlife. We will learn from the masters of survival and teamwork – the Bushmen. This is the

CULTURAL part of our experience. Here we connect with our roots and remember we evolved in healthy

adaptation to one another and to our environment, an understanding that has become lost to us as we

pursue stressful city lifestyles.


The final part of this experience is the WISDOM we will learn from the ELEPHANTS. We will stay at Somalisa

Bushcamp where these gentle giants are frequent visitors at the waterhole on the edge of where you will

stay in a luxury tented camp open to all the wildlife that trundles past.


Mandy Young is your Specialist Host on this experience, she is an Ecopsychologist who has spent the last two

decades observing animals with social behaviour – wild dogs, elephants, wild meerkats, white lions and mountain

gorillas, she has also spent time learning from the Bushmen and does Dolphin-Human Interaction research in



Mandy encourages us to remember our interdependence with nature and takes you into this wilderness place for

your emotional well-being and so that you can be part of the answer to the survival of our planet. On a daily basis

Mandy will guide you through a reflective time after each wild dog and wild life encounter so that you gain personal

and professional take-home, enriching life insights.


Khwai Khwai Tented Camp –  Luxury tented Camp

Kalahari Grasslands Bushman Lodge – 2013 – Bush Lodge

Hwange Somalisa Camp – Luxury Tented Camp


Day 1-4: Khwai Tented Camp, Moremi Game Reserve (Fri to Mon)

The amazing foresight of Chief Moremi created one of the world’s most famous reserves, conserving part of the Okavango Delta and the plains to its east. The reserve covers more than 4871 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, and the varied terrain includes savannah, winding waterways, and thick forest. This diversity supports an incredibly wide spectrum of wildlife, ranging from large herds of buffalo, wildebeest and zebra, to the rare sitatunga and lechwe antelope. Lion, cheetah and packs of wild dogs are often seen in the open grasslands. The birdlife is prolific with the possibility of viewing the 550 bird species recorded in the Botswana national bird list.

Overnight: Khwai Tented Camp:

Offers amazing wildlife experiences within Botswana’s iconic Moreme Game Reserve as well as the cultural wisdom of those still living in the village of Khwai. It is here that man and nature meet in a perfect blend of interconnectedness. Khwai Tented camp offers privacy and intimacy as its catering capacity is for only families or small groups of up to 8 people.

This safari experience takes you back in time to experience the wilds of Africa on your doorstep as you enjoy the comforts of a luxury tent in a well-established campsite. As we are in a community concession area we can enjoy walking activities and night drives that are not permitted in other surrounding National Park or Game Reserve areas.

Exploring after dark with spotlights offers you an opportunity to experience some of the nocturnal animals that are rarely encountered during the day, and walking safaris make up close and personal wildlife encounters possible. Other activities include game drives and visits to the local Khwai Community. Participants in the Wisdom of Elephants, Tribes & Carnivores experience are encouraged to walk through the village of Khwai, meet some of the elders, and learn how the people live alongside animals in close contact to nature. Day trips to the Moremi Game Reserve can also be organized on request.

Day 4-7: Grasslands Bushman Lodge, Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Mon to Thurs)

Established as a protected area for the San the Central Kalahari has preserved not only a massive area of the Kalahari Desert but also a forgotten way of life. This living desert teems with game after the summer rains and large herds of springbok and gemsbok, as well as wildebeest, hartebeest and eland graze on the green grassland. At other times of the year, when the animals are more sparsely distributed, the experience of travelling through truly untouched wilderness, of seemingly unending dimensions, provides unforgettable reflective moments and memories.

Overnight: Grasslands Bushman Lodge

Grasslands Bushman Lodge is home-from-home, but you are translocated into a new environment of scrubby bushveld throbbing with bush, buck and bird species as well as a sneak preview, if you are lucky, of a regal Cape cobra, escaping as fast as he can into the undergrowth.

Activities include memorable moments with the Naro clan of Bushmen who teach us to hunt, track, make healing potions from trees and plants in their local environment, and enthral us with their traditional dances, ceremonies and way of life. In light hearted moments we laugh and play their team-building games and we watch how they store water in an ostrich shell or make fire without matches.

The day ends around the campfire where animals creep backwards and forwards out of the bush shadows to drink at the waterhole in front of the lodge. Some days are spent relaxing and cooling down by the pool with the birds singing nearby.


Day 7-10: Somalisa Camp, Hwange (Thurs to Sun)

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s biggest game reserve boasting more than 100 different animal species and over 400 species of birds. Thus it is home to a profusion of wildlife, including giraffe, lion, zebra and approximately 30 000 elephants, making it one of the few great elephant sanctuaries left in Africa. It also provides sanctuary for all the country’s endangered species, including a population of wild dogs thought to be among the most sizeable surviving groups on the continent. The terrain ranges from desert dunes and savannah lands to rocky outcrops and sparse forests. Visitors can choose to participate in game drives, guided walks or horseback safaris to adventure through this wilderness area with its diverse wildlife.

Overnight: Somalisa Camp

Is a small intimate tented camp tucked away subtly under a canopy of acacia trees straddling an ancient river system. This unbeatable wild elephant sanctuary is known for its large herds of elephant and the Somalisa concession in Hwange National Park offers a private African wildlife encounters from the minute you step out of your tent.

Somalisa having only 12 beds has been designed as an environmentally low impact camp giving you a barefoot luxury experience with understated elegance. Activities include guided walks game drives and spot lighting as well as game viewing from hides. All are lead by qualified and passionate guides who will share their knowledge and love of the bush with you.


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