Romantic Trails & Dolphins Tales

This Corporation Connecting Adventure takes place in the Archipelago of Tuscany Islands in the Mediterranean sea off the shores of Italy and in the marine protected area of Cinque Terre.

The Adventure begins with walking and talking amongst olive groves, hillsides and castles whilst enjoying the panoramic sea views that stretch between the five fishing villages of Cinque Terre. Each village is unique and you can enjoy the characteristic Italian passion and cuisine as you traverse from one feisty fishing villages to the next.

We then venture down the Italian coast to the town of Porte Ferrai where Nelson was exiled and from there explore the Archipelago of Tuscany Islands in the area looking for whales and dolphins. Our hosts are the PHD students of Genova University who have set up a Marine Protection and EcoTourism Education Organization called MenKab. You benefit not only from the diverse Whale and Dolphin spotting, the beautiful beaches and moutain views of the surrounding islands, but from the wisdom of these students and also the opportunity to contribute to some unique dolphin research.

In Italy no-one swims with dolphins, they are shy and less social than in the warm Mozambican waters owing to the frequent shipping activity in the area. The research question being asked is: ‘Do Voluntary Interspecies Interactions between Humans and Freeswimming, Wild Bottlenosed Dolphins enhance Emotional Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence in Humans so that they live more Conservationary and Ecologically Intelligent Lifestyles that Protect the Cetaceans in this area?