Get Pumberized and Pampered

Get Pumberized and Pampered on yet another Nature Calls Adventure. Only one hour from the airport of Port Elizabeth is a breathtaking wilderness with diverse ecosystems. Our accommodation at Pumba Private Game Reserve is on the edge of a lake offering luxury, a personal spa and the luring Call to Nature of the laughing hippos as they emerge from the muddy waters to laugh at their latest joke. Actually Houdini, a hippo famous to Rondevlei in the Cape, lives here; as do several white lions. The lioness has recently had two cubs who look up at you from your ringside seat in the game vehicle with crystal blue eyes. They like to pounce on each other’s tails and get suprized when it hurts.

There are tawny lions too and one game viewing trip we saw the sad scene, but that is how it is in the wild, of a mother warthog trying to herd her young crew into their burrow.  Tails in the air she was not paying attention and did not notice the sleek, tawny shadow bellying along the ground nearer and nearer until it was too late. She now has one child less.

Days spent at Pumba offer time to relax, reflect and respect that our lives and those we have the excitement to view in the wild are intedependent. As we watch buck-antics, the way the elephant matriarch protects her herd or how the spider builds its nest we remeber we are all a part of the web of life, and ponder on the words of Koffi Anan, former Secretary General of the United Nations:

We live on one planet, connected in a delicate, intricate we of ecological, social, economic and cultural relationships that shape our lives. If we are to achieve sustainable development, we will need to display greater responsibilty:

  • for the ecosystems on which all life depends
  • for each other as a single human community and
  • for all the generations that will follow our own living tomorrow with the consequences of the decisions we make today.”