Get H.I.H with Dolphins


Wild Men, Wild Women & Wild Dogs Workshop


Healing Power of Dolphin Experience


19th August, 2014 at  Stellenbosch Business School&

5 Days & 4 Nights

|  Ponto Do Ouro, Mozambique

19th August 2014

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) has great pleasure in inviting you to an Alumni Workshop titled Wild Men, Wild Women& Wild Dogs: A 21st century business model of interdependence and integrity, presented by Mandy Young, an eco-psychologist and Corporate Coach – African Bush Style


Booking Closes 18th Dec. 2014



Why You Should Enjoy the Experience of Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins are part of God’s creation that have an incredible influence towards healing, inspiration and transformation..

Much research has shown that the unconditional acceptance of dolphins, when they choose to swim with us, inspires self-worth and a sense of fun…

…because they are so well-adpated to their environment we connect with a sense of wholeness that motivates us towards our own healing

…their sonor capacity enables them to scan our complete system – physically and emotionally; their echolocation enhances meditative Alpha states and a sense of wellbeing and euphoria, as well as the fine-tuning of our own immune systems so that we engage with personal inner resources to empower our own healing.

18th August, 2014
A 5 day / 4 night package at the Luxury Tented Camp  includes accommodation, dolphin swims, facilitated self-reflective group discussions & all transfers within Mozambique.

 The Investment for all of this is: ZAR8060

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Testimony of Healing:Laura went to swim with the dolphins not seeking some miracle cure or healing, but simply to float without the pressure and pain of gravity…her wishes to interact with a dolphin are countered by not wanting to intrude. She swims on the outside of their circle, like she does when interacting with her own kind – she often feeling different and isolated from others because of her pain…

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Why Should you participate in the Wild Men, Wild Dog & Wild Women Workshop?

As we have moved away from an understanding of our interdependence within nature, we have developed mindsets that have distanced us from ourselves. As a result, we have become eco-alienated. The consequence has been a business model that has increasingly become left-brain dominant where science, technology, the accumulation of assets and status have negated emotional wellbeing. Working relationships involve competition and control instead of cooperation and trust, says Young.

We cannot go back in time by hunting together like wild dog teams or as clans,but there is hope for a new business model for the 21st century. Find out moreabout this business model that embraces technology and wealth while building,through personal development and community, a process that rewards success andgives everyone an equal opportunity.

ZAR 800 (USB Alumni)
ZAR 1000 (non USB Alumni)


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