Do you really want to get to the end of your life having worked 9am – 5pm in a JOB (Just Over Broke) to get to retirement lonely and unsure you will be able to support yourself and survive in an economically depressed period of history that is predicted to further decline? What heritage do you want to leave behind? Are you truly fulfilling your potential right now? Are you in charge of your life and your destiny? Do you love your lifestyle?

When I began observing wild animals with social behavior they opened my heart and understanding that we evolved in adaptation to nature and used to live happily and successfully as clans / community for survival.

bushmen cooking 200Marlow Morgan wrote a book called Mutant Message Down Under. She referred to Modern Man as the Mutants. She describes our sports-safaris-programs-4ancestors in the following way:

In 50,000 years of existence they have destroyed no forests, polluted no water, endangered no species, caused no contamination, and all the while they received abundant food and shelter. They laughed a lot, cried very little. They lived long, productive lives and were left spiritually confident

As we have moved away from our heritage – this interdependence with all the species of fauna and flora we share this earth with, we have become increasingly left brain dominant. Our focus is on science and technology – that which we can see, touch, smell – and matters of the soul, of faith and intuition are poo pooed. The consequence have been a disconnection from our essence, our true inheritance and potential, and our actions have become greedy, self-seeking and destructiveness towards ourselves and the earth. In our pursuit of ‘intellectual cleverness” we have become imbalanced – spiritually, emotionally and ecologically immature.

The Corporate Business models and westernized lifestyles we embrace reflect that: stress, poor relationships, broken families, meaningless work where we are told what to do from top to bottom and we are not part of the decision making that impacts our daily working lives, unless we are one of those in charge. We are making it impossible for the earth around us to be self-sustaining and we are plagued by poachers destroying our wildlife and our forests.

Now there is the possibility of a new business model based on a process God initiated when He first created – the process of interdependence – relying on one another, working together. Through this business model we only succeed if we work as a team and become family / clan again. It is a model where people support and edify one another instead of stepping on each other in the scramble to climb the corporate ladder to the top. In this model we use technology to connect, not divide. It is a business model that levels the playing fields – anyone can play and win, as long as you are teachable and willing to learn a new way of seeing yourself and wealth. For in the end you see, wealth is not about money and assets, it is about freedom – having time and it is about loving relationships – with God, yourself, those you care about and with the Earth around you.

This is a business model for the 21st century because when many college graduates are unemployed it is a process that builds leaders and pioneering entrepreneurs in the real world. It is a business model that embraces personal development, but you need to chose a company that has a good product, and much more importantly, that has leaders who operate with integrity and who genuinely care that you fulfill your potential – so, a company that has international, top class training.

beaches of the world big 200Let me show you who you can trust and how you can gain time and financial freedom.ysbh

You don’t need to be POOR, but then that means, don’t Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly, actually that is called insanity – banging your head against the proverbial brick wall in the same way day after day and expecting better outcomes. You are worth more than that. God created you to Live Life and to Live it Abundantly. Let me point you in the right direction.