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Only two spaces left in the next Healing Power of Dolphins experience from 20-24th August, 2014. Please complete this questionnaire and help me with research that promote your wellbeing as well as the safety of the dolphin.

Please email me to let me know if you would go on a Healing power of Dolphin experience if we could make it a Dream Trip. 46 people have indicated they would definitely attend this Dream Trip and 44 Maybes. Yah. If you want to become a member of a Travel Club where you benefit from Best Prices take a look at what this is all about
See details below about a Life Changing Journey, The Spirit of Africa, that begins in Cape Town on 9th August, 2014, but be warned your life may never be the same!
Would you like to join me on a Dream Trip in Kariba, Zimbabwe in September 2014?
See you soon on the Beaches of the World and more specifically in your own, top-of-your-bucket-list opportunity to swim with the dolphins!

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This journey begins on 9th August, 2014 from Cape Town and includes some of the following events:


Explore Ancient Sacred Stone Sites around Cape Town including Table Mountain with Dean Liprini author of Paths of the Sun, Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond.

  • Walk on the Wildside in Umfolosi with Christel Englebrecht – a real Adrenalin Rush as well as a deeply, uncontaminated experience of a side of life we seldom get to enjoy.
  • There is more…the White Waters of the Victoria …
  • …a Game Farm in Botswana, and
  • Giving Back – helping build and connect with children in an Orphanage



LISTEND BELOW ARE THE NATURECALLS ADVENTURES YOU WOULD PATICIPATE IN THIS YEAR – please advise with a response which you are most interested in so I commence with Making This Experience a Reality for YOU. If there are enough people wanting to participate in each experience they can become Dream Trips at greatly reduced prices.
NATURE CALLS ADVENTURESCarnivore Week…Luangwa Valley, ZambiaLove the One You are With Whale Trail… De Hoop Nature Reserve, RSATuningi Treasures… Madiwke, NW Province, RSARomantic Trails and Dolphins Tails… ItalyWild Men, Wild Dogs & Wild Waters…Botswana & ZimbabweWhite Lion Wisdom & Timbivati Trails…Timbivati, RSA

Warriors & Wilderness…Tanzania & Kenya

Bush and Beach…RSA and Mozambique

Monkeying Around…Rwanda

The Big Seven…Port Elizabeth & Eastern Cape, RSA

Getting Pampered and Pumberized…Eastern Cape, RSA

White World…Iceland

Wild Women, Wild Men & Wild Dogs…Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The Wisdom of Elephants, Tribes & Carnivores…Botswana & Zimbabwe

Executive Dolphin Retreat…Mozambique


20th-24th August, 2014


Many people are having a tough time with what life dishes out. Dr. Bernie Seagul, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles believes that disease emanates from a lack of love, or love that is conditional, which compromises or exhausts the immune system and leads to physical vulnerability.

There are going to be some significant changes on my website with the ability to interact and grow through some challenging life situations through my expertise even before you arrive on a dolphin experience of your choice. The new interactive themes that will be evolving are:

+  Dolphins & Divorce

+  Dolphins & Disease for those dealing with cancer

+  Dolphins & Depression

+  Dolphins & Death for those dealing with Bereavement

+  Dolphins & Difference which will have its own three categories:

* Cognitively Challenged for Special Needs children

*  Able Amputees for those rehabilitating back into life after an

amputation  and dealing with Phantom Pain, and

*  Playfully Pregnant for those brining new lives into the world

Please complete the Dolphin-Human Interaction Questionnaire so that I can tailor-make the best Healing Power of Dolphin Experience for you possible, and so that your feedback can add to the Conservation and Protection of these beautiful creatures.


What are you waiting for, these beautiful, spiritual creatures leave us with a sense of joie de vivre and the motivation to be move forward, refreshed, with new vision and hope for the future!



20th-24th September, 2014
Get up close and personal with African wildlife – hippo, elephant, crocodiles, birds, buffalo and if you are lucky lions. Enjoy a stunning sunset cruise on the Gache Gache River, canoe, fish and bed down in rustic, en suite lodges with their own verandahs and wilderness views.
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