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Wilderness & Warriors

The Wisdom on Elephants, Tribes & Carnivores,

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Carnivore Week &

The Healing Power of Dolphins for Children with Special Needs & their Families

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Nature Calls Adventure:

Wild Men, Wild Women & Wild Dogs




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6th-12h July, 2013 The 7 day / 6 night  Wild Men, Wild Women and Wild Dogs Adventure takes place in Mana Pools and the Stanley and Livingston Private Nature Reserve on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.


29th July – 4th August, 2013 – The Healing Power of Dolphins Experience for Special Needs Children. Others are welcome to participate, but this will be the special focus.


14th – 23rd September, 2013Monkeying Around with the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park and the many species of primates, including Chimpanzees, in the Nyungwe Forest of Rwanda.

2nd-6th October, 2013The Healing Power of Dolphins Experience for those dealing with Depression.

19th-27th October, 2013Wilderness and Warriors – time spent in the vast, untouched wilderness of the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania and then living life with the Ilingwesi clan of the Maasai.

8th – 18th November, 2013The Wisdom of Elephants, Tribes & Carnivores – time spent with the Carnivores at Khwai African Bushcamp in Botswana, followed by an adventure in life and survival with the Bushmen and finally wisdom gained from the elephants that frequent Somalisa African Bushcamp in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

18th – 25th November 2013Carnivore Week – which takes place in the southern Luangwan Valley – the wild dogs and the lions are the teachers as we spend daily excursions tracking and observing these engaging predators.

25th Nov – 1st December 2013 – the final Healing Power of Dolphins experience of the year which will also focus on Children with Special Needs and their Families.





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14TH – 23RD SEPTEMBER 2013


The MONKEYING AROUND Nature Calls Adventure takes place in Rwanda – a country and people who post-geneocide are a diverse national community who honor, love and respect each other, their wildlife and their forests. They are a true expample to the world of reconciliation that comes from true accountability, forgiveness and remembering their past so as to move on into the future in a more gentle way.
Not only will you value the people, but enjoy the wildlife – we spend four nights in luxury acccommodation on the edge of Nyungwe Forest, home to more than eight different primate species, including the Chimpanzees. East Africa is the home of the Jane Goodall Foundation, which is still alive and active. From Nyungwe Forest we transfer to the Gorilla Nest Lodge and spend several days in the Volcanoes National Park with the Mountain Gorillas.


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18TH – 25TH NOVEMBER, 2013
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During this Nature Calls Adventure the main players are endangered Wild Dogs and majestic Lions. The Luangwa valley, covering 9000sq.km and marks the end of the Great Rift Valley. It is one of the last unspoilt wilderness wildlife sanctuary’s in Africa traveresed by the Luangwa River with her oxbow lagoons, woodland plains and valleys which draw a huge host of game – including elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, giraffe, hippo & over 450 species of birds.

Your daily hosts are members of the African Wild Dog Conservation (AWDC) team which has been operating in Zambia since 1998 to conserve the endangered African Wild Dogs. They will take you tracking and share many interesting research understandings of the animals in the area.



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29TH JULY – 4TH AUGUST, 2013



Some of the research findings of Smith (2007), Nathanson (1998), Odent (1990) and others are that when children swim with dolphins they are less anxious and more teachable, their ability to pay attention increases by 500%. Language, speech, gross motor, and fine motor functioning improves among children with various disabilities in a more effective way than with other more conventional speech or physical therapy programs. The improvements were sustained a year later according to Nathanson and found to be more effective than other pet-interventions because of the play repertoire of dolphins and their intuitive, ‘sixth sense’ capabilities.

2nd – 6th Oct

30th oct – 3rd Nov

25th Nov – 1st dec


Dr Bernie Seagul, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles believes that desease emanates from a lack of love, or love that is conditional, which compromises or exhausts the immune system and leads thus to physical vulnerability. When we swim with dolphins we experience unconditional love and acceptance, and according to Siegel an increase in immunoglobin and T-killer cells which is a powerful stimulant to the immune system.


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Mana Pools – Victoria Falls

7 Days / 6 Nights

6 Persons

06 July 2013 – 12 July 2013


The WILD MEN, WILDWOMEN & WILD DOGS EXPERIENCE takes place at Kanga Bushcamp and Stanley& Livingstone Ursulas Camp.


Mandy is your Specialist Host on this experience, not only has she spent many years observing the Painted Hunting Dogs under the generous and informative supervision of many well-known researchers and ecologists.

We overnight for 4 days at Kanga Bushcamp which is a private concession set away from the crowds in a remote part of the legendary Mana Pools. We enjoy a private safari experience with the focus on walking, game-tracking and spending time with a pack of Painted Hunting Dogs who roam the area.


After 4 days at Kanga Bushcamp we transfer to Ursula Camp at the Stanley Livingston private Game Reserve. The next part of the Wild Men, Wild Women & Wild Dogs experience involves activities like Bird Trails, sleeping in the Bush (in relative luxury of course), Community activities and visiting the Victoria Falls.

Selous Game Reserve – Maasai in Kenya

9 Days /8 Nights

6 Persons

19th – 27th October, 2013


The Wilderness & Warriors Nature Calls Adventures is for safari travelers who have ‘been there and done that’. Those looking for find meaning in their lives, new dreams and new direction
It begins in the Selous Game Reserve, a wilderness space, measuring 55,000 sq kms. It is one of the largest areas of game ‘preservations’ in Africa. It is possible to stay here for days without seeing any other human beings – just wild, wild nature in all her splendour.  After 4 adventurous days at Amara Selous Luxury tented camp.
we transfer to Bush Adventures  where we are inspired and equipped by the Ilingwesi tribe of the Maasai. Activities include weapon training, animal tracking,  medicine making from local plants & bush survival learnt whilst constructing shelters, finding water and making fire without matches! To be our facilitators the Ilingwesi combine as a tribal team and we learn much about connecting that fosters our own team building in an unforgettable, hands-on, take-home kind of way. Suddenly we find we are released again to dream our destiny with courage, confidence and a new-found competence.




Khwai – Kalahari – Hwange

10 Days / 9 Nights

6 Persons

15 November 2013 – 24 November 2013


THE WISDOM OF ELEPHANTS, TRIBES & CARNIVORES EXPERIENCE takes place at the diverse venues of :

Khwai African Bushcamp in Botswana where we will observe the CARNIVORES of this experience – Lions, Leopards and Hyenas;

Grasslands Lodge, also in Botswana, where we will wander the scrubby Karoo Bushveld learning to survive in the wilderness by knowing the medicinal uses of some of the natural plants in the area, as well as hunting and tracking the wildlife. We will learn from the masters of survival and teamwork – the Bushmen. This is the CULTURAL part of our experience. Here we connect with our roots and remember we evolved in healthy adaptation to one another and to our environment, an understanding that has become lost to us as we

pursue stressful city lifestyles.

The final part of this experience is the WISDOM we will learn from the ELEPHANTS. We will stay at Somalisa Bushcamp where these gentle giants are frequent visitors at the waterhole on the edge of where you will stay in a luxury tented camp open to all the wildlife that trundles past.