Valentine Whale Trail at De Hoop Nature Reserve,

Building a Cob House,

The Healing Power of Dolphins….

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Booking Closes 4th Feb 2013



Booking Closes 1st March, 2013
Love is so exquisitely elusive. It cannot be bought, cannot be badgered, cannot be hijacked. It is available only in one rare form: as the natural response of a healthy mind and a healthy heart.

Eknath Easwaran

Sometimes we get tired of all the gimmicks around special dates on the calendar, but creating the space to celebrate something so central as the relationship with the one we love is worth it. You have a Valentineopportunity to do just that in the wilderness space of De Hoop Nature Reserve near the tip of Africa.

There will also be other opportunities to enjoy Love the One You Are With throughout the year, let us know preferred dates and we will try to make it happen.
In March and April the Healing Power of Dolphin experiencesin Mozambique are for those dealing with depression or an inner emptiness, and for families facing the life adjustments Divorce challenges us with.
Cob buildingcontinues and you have an opportunity to participate!
Love doesn’t mean doing extraordinary or heroic things. It means knowing how to do the ordinary things with tenderness.

 Jean Vanier



Wishng you lots of love and healing.



Valentine Whale Trail

14th – 17th February, 2013

Booking Closes 4th February, 2013

Treat yourselves this Valentine’s by paying attention to your relationship in a unique and adventurous way by joining us at the breathtakingly beautiful De Hoop Nature Reserve near the southern-most tip of Africa.





Amidst star gazing, whale watching and other delightful activities spend time each day reflecting on some of the light hearted and the more challenging moments in your relationship.


Group discussions for an hour or so a day, enhance your time away together as Mandy, ecopsychologist, helps you with personal and partnership insights from nature and Claire, couples therapist, encourages the inspiration and enjoyment of relationship strenghts and realities.



In these exquisite natural surroundings you will be spoilt with culinary delights and fun evenings. And will leave this enlightening and inspiring experience with lasting benefits.



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Dolphin-Human Encounters for those dealing with Depression & Divorce

Dealing with Depression of a sense of Inner Emptiness?

7th-11th March, 2013
Booking Closes 1st March, 2013
Sometimes life is challenging and you may feel that right now you do not have the resources to feel joyful. 
Wild dolphins who have a healthy adaptation to their environment and a jubilant wellness about their presence inspires those who swim with them to experience a sense of worth and joie de vivre.
I would like to support your journey of healing with the dolphins by helping you to find personal, inspiring life-insights that shift unhelpful perceptions, transforming an experience of negativity and hopelesness into a sense of new possibilities and vision.

Dealing with Life Challenges and Changes because of Divorce.

6th-10th April, 2013
Booking Closes 1st March, 2013
The decision to divorce is only the beginning of many life changes for adults and children. You deserve a break to have some fun and recharge emotionally drained batteries. A time to reflect and restore at this time is valuable.
Wild dolphins have a great capacity for compassion and connected social circles that have a fission-fusion way of functioning. They inspire the understanding that a changed family structure can still embrace love, honesty, companionship and many aspects of family life we would still like to aspire to.

I have learnt much professionally and personally about the process of Divorce which has been the subject of several magazine articles and a SABC children’s documentary. I would like to offer these understandings together with dolphin-human encounters to soothe your Divorce process and create the space for you to make wise decisions for the future.

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Cob Building Continues – an Opportunity to Get Involved

We invite you to see the pictures that show the cob house taking shape. The pictures progress from ‘where it all began’ to current times if you view first ‘Snuggle Bug Matures’ and then ‘The Beauty has a Skirt’. View via slideshow or read the comments on each picture for fun and information.
We also invite you to participate and learn new skills at Nautrual Earth Building at an investment of R450 per day.

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