October 2011 – January 2012


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Why choose a WildLife Corporate Adventure or a Self-Discovery EcoTour?


Passion & Principles


This is the time of year for Corporates to take Team Building time to plan for 2012 or offer their staff an Incentive Reward for goals achieved over the past year of hard work and diligence. There are three Wildlife Corporate Adventures left until January 2012.

It is also the time of the year to take a break, have some fun and get out of the rut of daily life to dream again. The same three opportuntities exist for those of you who would like to gain personal life insights during Wildlife EcoTours, read more about how to participate below…..and please note there is also a Dolphins Only adventure for Corporates and EcoTourists.

In Anticipation….





Passions & Principles behind Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventures & Personal Self-Discovery Wildlife EcoTours

Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventures are for Corporates who would like to engage in team building that is:

  • cutting edge because your intuition is re-engaged
  • happens in wilderness places using all your senses
  • creates opportunities for self-understanding which enhances confidence, competency and clear thinking
  • motivates passion and a sense of adventure in workers who are often stressed and bored
  • encourages corporate communities who engage in a culture of leadership
  • reminds us of personal and clan survival skills to adapt to an ever changing and challenging environment
  • builds ecolgical, emotional and spiritual intelligence  


Peace-of-Eden WildLife Eco Tours are for

  • the discerning traveller
  • for the traveller who has been there / done that and is looking for something unique
  • for the adventurous
  • for those seeking emotional healing
  • for those who are stuck in a rut and wanting to dream again
  • for those wanting to explore youif you are looking for a rest and lots of laughter

    if you have never seen wild animals and the few tribal people who remain.



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Corporate Wildife TeamBuiding  Whale Trail Adventure 
11th – 14th November, 2011
4 day / 3 night AdventureBooking closes 7th November, 2011

This 4 day / 3 night adventure takes place in De Hoop Nature Reserve in the Western Cape:  a World Heritage Site and the flagship of CapeNature. It is a 36,000 hectare wilderness treasure-trove of unsurpassed natural diversity of endemic fynbos, diverse buck & bird species , several troops of well-behaved, but socially intriguing baboon troops. Every year, some 40% of the world’s southern right whales come to these shores to breed. They come so close to the shore that guests can relax on the un-spoilt sand dunes, watching in awe as these beautiful creatures calve, blow, breach and belly-flop.



TheActivities include day walks through the rich fynbos plains, bird watching and whale watching of course,  mountain biking through the reserve past eland, bontebok and mountain zebra, lazing on the beach and snorkeling in the many turquoise rock pools or star gazing.

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There is a Fy In and Drive In option to this Adventure. 

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Tuningi Team Building and Personal WildLife Insights

Wild Women, Wild Dogs & Wild Men Corporate Wildlife Team Building Adventure

27th – 31st January, 2012

5 day / 4 night Adventure
Booking Closes 23rd December, 2011


This adventure begins in Madikwe Game Reserve.To enter Madikwe is to stand at the very threshold of wilderness Africa. This is a near-perfect ecological environment where every plant, animal and insect forms an essential part of an intricate web of survival. Madikwe boasts the biggest translocation of wild animals into a poorly run cattle farm area transforming this arid space into a nature reserve that is home to almost every game species including lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo and 350 species of birds.


 We nestle down at the 5 star Tuningi Safari Lodge set in a valley on the western side of the Reserve, and from here enjoy daily excursions into nature.

As a Corporate Adventure would best suite a single sex team as accommodation available is two chalets with 2 bedrooms ensuite with an interlinked private loungs.

As a Self-Reflective EcoTour the accommodation available best suites two families or couples that know each other.



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Wild Dog Tracking, Elephant families & Swimming with Intuitive, playful Dolphins.
25th november – 4th December, 2011 

10 day / 9 night Experience 

Booking Closes 7th november, 2011This experience begins at the world-renowned, award-winning Thanda Game Reserve where we track a packof Wild Dogs. We then travel to several families of

Elephants, well-known to Mandy, who reside at

Pongola Game Reserve.

 After spending 4 days in their presencestaying at Mvubu Lodge on the edge of the Pongola

River gorge or at the White Elephant Bushcamp, we travel across the Cozi Bay border into

Mozambique where we will spend 5 tranquil, but

exciting days swimming with Dolphins. Here we stay

in sociable, central accommodation on the edge of the sea shore.




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Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventures and

Peace-of-Eden Self-Discovery WildLife EcoTours

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