24th June – 3rd July, 2011
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The next Corporate Wildlife Team Building Adventure takes place in a few weeks time. It is called Wilderness & Warriors. You are welcome to participate if you are a Corporate looking for a Team Building adventure or a group of 6 adventurous travellers. You can also participate in the whole 10 day / 9 night experience or in one aspect – Wilderness or Warrior.
If you are a Corporate team, reaching mid-year and needing a breather to de-stress and recharge, write this off against tax as ongoing training and move into the second half of 2011 with ‘vuma’ and passion. If you would like to experience something that:


  • is cutting edge because your intuition is re-engaged
  • that happens in 55,000 square kilometers of wilderness preservation in the Selous game reserve, Tanzania, where you can walk, canoe and go on game drives wihthour seeing anyone else for days.
  • creates opportunities for self-understanding which enhances confidence, competency and clear thinking
  • motivates passion and a sense of adventure in workers who are often stressed and bored
  • encourages corporate communities who engage in a culture of leadership
  • reminds you of personal and clan survival skills as you spend time with the Ilingwesi Clan of the Maasai. They, together with the wild animals we will encounter in Selous, give you a chance to remember how to adapt in an ever changing and challenging environment
  • can mature your ecological, emotional and spiritual intelligence

If you are a group of travellers- at least 6 people – please don’t consider participating unless:

  • you are discerning
  • you have been there / done that and you are looking for something unique and meaningful in your life
  • you are adventurous
  • you are seeking to make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you care about
  • you are stuck in a rut and wanting to dream again
  • you are wanting to experience something new
  • you are looking for a rest and lots of laughter
  • you want to spend time with wild animals and the few tribal people who remain.
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We begin this adventure with 4 days & 3 nights in the Beho Beho wilderness.The word Beho Beho means ‘cooling breezes’ as the camp is sited above the banks of the Rufiji river and her flood plains in the cooler highlands with her magical and expansive views.From the home luxuries of a ‘banda’ – a locally designed stone construction, thatched in palm leaves, but with one wall totally open to the bush, you can explore on foot, by boat or by open safari cruiser. Experienced guides tailor make your day, whether you are needing excitement and adventure, a 10km hike before breakfast or time to chill out and relax.

After 5 adventurous days at Beho Beho we transfer to northern Kenya to be inspired and equipped by the Ilingwesi tribe of the Maasai. Activities include weapon training, animal tracking,  medicine making from local plants & bush survival learnt whilst constructing shelters, finding water and making fire without matches! To be our facilitators the Ilingwesi combine as a tribal team and we learn much about connecting that fosters our own team building in an unforgettable, hands-on, take-home kind of way. Suddenly we find we are released again to dream our destiny with courage, confidence and a new-found competence.

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