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We have an exciting line up in this newsletter:A unique opportunity to learn from ‘Wild Men & Wild Women’ – the Naro Bushmen of the Kalahari & from the Maasai Warriors of the Ilingwesi clan in Kenya. Far from being drunken, carousing and dishevelled, people characteristics we associate with being ‘wild’, these dignified people are intuitive and know how to be interdependent and well-adapted to their environment. Unlike us they laugh, tease and work together with respect for the young, the weak and the old. Ever since we moved away from our natural context and forgot how interdependent we are on the air we breath, the water we drink and an acknowledgement that the very source of just about every aspect of our lifestyle is in nature, we have become disconnected, discontent and destrructive in our livestyles.

Learning from these gentle people is a must for our survival. On the Wild Men, Wild Dogs & a Waterfall Team Building Adventure we also enjoy tracking Wild Dog packs. What the Bushmen & the Wild Dogs have in common is that they know how to survive by taking care of each other. Read below to find out why the Waterfall is included and which one we will visit…

A unique marketing opportunity worth $100,000s of USA TV coverage to 10,000,000 households you must grab. This fortume is for those who intend to advertise in the newest EcoGuide: http://www.ecoguidesouthernafrica.com./ Read more …

I would like to introduce you to a new EcoDestination: Wildekrans Country House.

There are a couple of diverse news items, but they are all about caring for the earth and each other:

Living Green Designs: My son in law, Sam, who I am very proud of and likeminded with has over ten years of experience in sustainable agriculture, He creates and maintains beautiful, abundant and affordable organic food gardens across Cape Town

Radiation Oncologist: We are looking for a Radiation Oncologist at Internationally renown Ithemba Labs – read more…

 Lets Give: News on the little bushmen girl, Dixlau, who is undergoing reconstruction surgery after being severley burnt…and on our doorstep, Agape Family Center, a very loving place that cares for those children society have given up on.

To end off with – the latest article published in the February edition of Simply Green magazine – Wild Within and the latest speech given by Lewis Pugh – environmental protaginsit best known as the Human
Polar Bear



Enjoy & Take Care,

Mandy Young

Wild Men, Wild Dogs &  Wild Waters
A flight from Maun, the gateway to the Okovonga Delta on a small light aircraft takes us to Grasslands Lodge where we stay close to the Hunting place of the Naro Bushmen. Beyond expectations they are authentic animal skin clad group of small muscular people with ample bottoms who live and survive off the desert land.

We spend 5 days with them then fly for a night to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls. We stay at the famous Victoria Falls Hotel and then…

… move on to 4 days of Painted Hunting Dog tracking whilst staying at the exclusive Somalisa Bush Camp in the heart of Hwange Game Reserve.

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Warriors & Wilderness
For those seasoned safari experts who say you have been there and done that you have not done this! We  begin this adventure exploring the 55,000 sq kms that demarcate Selous game reserve – one of the one of the largest areas of game ‘preservations’ in Africa. 5 days are spent on tailor made walking, driving or canoeing safaris and 4 nights are spent sleeping in bandanas – local stone construction, thatched in palm leaves, but with one wall totally open to the bush – at the luxury private camp of Beho Beho …
…as if that is not enough lf a life changing encounter there is more ,,,we fly from Tanzania to Kenya to learn important Survival & Team Building skills from the Maasai of the Ilngwesi clan.
Exciting days are spent with weapons training, animal tracking, making medicines from local plants for healing & learning how to survive in the bush through making fire, constructing shelters & finding water.


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EcoGuide Southern Africa – advertise on Wheel of Fortune
The EcoGuide PR agency, the branding LAB, has recently corroborated with the prize procurement company representing Wheel of Fortune, and other game shows in the US.

In that collaboration, we are being offered an amazing opportunity to build the EcoGuide business and bring our names into over 10 million households in the United States.  To advertise on such a scale would cost upwards of $100,000.00 This is one of those chances to grab. s you enter the white gates and drive past snorting wildebeest, curious cranes and sometimes a perky mongoose towards the River Bend Lodge you keep hoping you will see the elephants in the daisies. 


How to Grab the Opportunity

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Wildekrans Country House
Wildekrans Country House is a beautiful peaceful member of the Green Mountain Eco Rout offering scenic beauty,
natural diversity, a wide range of wine styles and varied activities.
The minute you walk through her creepered rustic walls you enter a landscape of green peacefulness with moutain vistas, strolls through fruit and olive trees and luxuriating opportunities alongside the garden pool. Restful and restorative is the best way I can describe my stay at Wildekrans. Happy family chats and time to ….
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Living Green – organic gardens
Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables but never had the time? Perhaps you’ve started but have had limited success?

With over ten years of experience in sustainable agriculture, Living Green designs, creates and maintains beautiful, abundant and affordable organic food gardens across Cape Town.

Once installed, you can be eating from your own garden within days and saving at least R300 each month on fresh veg & herbs! No pesticides, artificial fertilizers or chemicals are used and the gardens are permaculture-designed to be low maintenance!

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We are looking for a Radiation Oncologist – Ithemba Labs
I work at Ithemba Labs as the counselor for the patients receiving advanced radiation therapy for complicated, specific and repetitive cancers. The treatment has amazing results that have been well documented. The patients used to benefit from a therapeutic milieu other than the radiation treatment they received because they stayed at Faura Hospital linked to Ithemba Labs and were cared for by a dedicated, caring and competent team of nursting staff, counselor, radiographers, oncologist, dieticians, massage therapist, creative group therapists and physiotherapists. All of this is on hold until we get an Oncologist. Thus the patients are fewer and worse off as they are stressfully transported in-and-out each day. Cancer and stress are clearly interrelated. Once we have an Oncologist all will be ‘back on track’ for everyone. What better place to work than with caring, committed people in one of the most saught after venues – the city and surrounds of Cape Town and the winelands of Stellenbosch!?

iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences is a group of multi-disciplinary research laboratories administered by the National Research Foundation. Based at two sites in the Western Cape and Gauteng, these provide facilities for:

•Basic and applied research using particle beams
•Particle radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer
•The supply of accelerator-produced radioactive
isotopes for nuclear medicine and research


Ongoing help needed for Bushmen child – Dixlau
Under the sunny skies of the Kalahari a mother’s worst nightmare became a reality when a young San woman
followed the terrible shrieks of her daughter and found her 2 year old sitting on a pile of red hot coals in a recently dug
’ This sad tale of a tiny San girl who was so badly burnt is slowly turning into one of miracles and hope. Little
Dixlau Kubie from Ghanzi in Botswana survived the fire more than 6 months ago, but due to the long wait for
treatment and skin grafting in the overloaded and limited government health system, the fingers of her right hand
fused together, she lost mobility in one leg and carried horrific scars.Neeltjie Bower from Grasslands Safari Lodge,
and many others, rallied together to raise funds to get Dixlau into a medical centre that would treat her more quickly
and would not separate her for too long from her parents, siblings and the familiar Kalahari veld. Through people’s
amazing generosity more than BWP60,000 ($9000/£5650) was collected, administered and audited by the Dutch
Taaibosch Foundation. This money payed for the transport costs, hospital accommodation, subsistence needs and
the first round of operations and skin grafting in early 2011. As well as the generosity of people from all over the world
who have sent money and shared their time and hospitality, the surgeon, Dr. Anthony Sibanda, is donating his skills
and time for free. Dixlau’s progress has already been dramatic and the dreadful fate that would have been hers had
she not received this medical treatment has been averted; however, we do not know how many rounds of skin grafting
she will need as the doctors cannot make any projections at this stage.




Read more and see how you can help

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Amazing care at Agape Family Center, Grabouw
Recently we had the funeral of our beloved Annabell. She went to heaven on the 17th of June – on my birthday. For two years and two months Father God has allowed us to be part of her life. Our miracle child! When the social worker of one of the hospitals phones me about this child I immediately wanted to say NO – NEVER. This will cause us a lot of heartache again. They were very honest and told us that this baby was born without a brain, just a brainstem. She cannot live longer than a few days, maybe a few weeks, but they needed the bed and cannot keep her in hospital – will we take her and just give TLC (Tender Loving Care). There was no follow up appointments or anything – they were so sure she will die:

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               Wild Within

Article written for Simply Green magazine February 2011

In 1995, the judge’s hammer declared I was divorced from the father of my children. I felt heartbroken, another divorce statistic and even more shamefully, I am a Psychotherapist, someone who should be helping other people with their problems. Crisis, however, turned into opportunity as I returned to my roots, the bush alongside the Kafue river in Zambia and the wilderness spaces of Zimbabwe to heal and build a new identity. This was a beginning of a life-long journey and a realization that emotional healing can happen in the bush, African style.

Some advise, follow your heart when you are drawn to a certain animal, plant or bird species, because they probably have something to share that will help with a life or business decision you have been pondering about….  

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 Environmentalist Lewis Pugh – the Human Polar Bear

Monkey Valley is an undiscovered jewel on the peninsula of Cape Town.  It is en route to Cape Point and offers expansive views of pristine white Noordhoek beaches and turquoise seas.  The accommodation is nestled in forested privacy and caters for families, honeymoon couples and Corporates.  Need I say more, the Virtual Reality Tour of this venue more than speaks for itself.

My step-son, Hugo Robinson, has turned his passion – photography, into a profession and offers you a unique, must-have Marketing Tool – an I Spy Virtual Tour of your Accommodation Establishment.  Take a look at his creative work at an undiscovered gem of the Western Cape – Monkey Valley.  As a recipient on my mailing list you not only have the Cutting Edge Opportunity to make use of Hugo’s expertise and this marketing product, but if you book his services through me you can receive a R400 discount. 

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