Tribal people who live close to nature, like the aborigines may have an animal totem they are given at their birth that they identify with for life, but they do not usually have a name for life, instead they chose a name that describes who they are at the time and it changes if their life situation, their role in the group or something changes that engenders a new identity. I tried to do the same and called myself ‘wildtree’ because I was a little ‘wild’ and I was researching and observing wild dogs. ‘Tree’ because I wanted to be rooted and to bear fruit and provide shade for those who came to rest under my branches. Since then I have been ‘ButterflyBird’ when going through times of transformation, etc.. On WildLife EcoTours participants often choose a name that describes who they are or who they would like to be. It is amazing that by doing so all the normal things that identify us falls away – wealth, colour, academic or sporting status, thin or fat etc. and we begin to see ourselves and each other for who we really are. Being a team becomes a lot more flowing. Some of the guest comments below are written by participants who have signed off with their aborigine name.

When I was 10 years old I left home to go to boarding school 2 countries away from where my parents lived. After that I felt an outside in my family .The way in which the African Wild Dogs related to each other, made me aware how that separation from my parents had impacted on me. I often felt an outsider in my won family and I now realized why I struggled to be involved and present in a group or a community. The Wild dogs were constantly assuring each other that they were in the same team. They showed me how important it is for all of us to take care of the clan relationships that we are a part of. Sometimes those clan relationships are not part of our own family, but it is natural for us to want to be a part of some group where we feel we belong, can put down roots and where we feel comfortable, like-minded and accepted. I have friends who have been together for over thirty years because they played in the same rugby team in their teens.  Wildtree.

Great Experience! Nice to be home! Thank you for doing this to get me here in South Africa and back to the bush. The group interaction was insightful and supportive. The animals were co-operative and the environment just right. Thanks again loads of love and blessings. Olibliss (Psyhologist, Yoga teacher, Writer, Photographer).

The camp was an adjustment given that I am used to five star accommodation, but the positive things about the camp outweighed any ‘roughing-it’ inconveniences. Meeting YOU was the highlight of the experience. I appreciate your passion and your prophone connection to NATURE. I look forward to future encounters. DoDoDas / BeDeDas (Environmental Activist, Safari Expert, Photographer).

When I decided to participate in the WildLife EcoTour it was because you said, ‘discover your wild side through wisdom & intuition…unwind in the wilderness space…nurture…be inspired, challenged and encourage.” And yes all this happened and more became my experience so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the opportunity. Your Enchanted Witch.