Agape Family Center

Recently we had the funeral of our beloved Annabell. She went to heaven on the 17th of June – on my birthday. For two years and two months Father God has allowed us to be part of her life. Our miracle child! When the social worker of one of the hospitals phones me about this child I immediately wanted to say NO – NEVER. This will cause us a lot of heartache again. They were very honest and told us that this baby was born without a brain, just a brainstem. She cannot live longer than a few days, maybe a few weeks, but they needed the bed and cannot keep her in hospital – will we take her and just give TLC (Tender Loving Care). There was no follow up appointments or anything – they were so sure she will die

AnnaBelle is loved is treated with love at Agape

We said yes and from the first moment we set eyes on her she was so beautiful and took her place in our hearts – everyone just loved her. She was three days old and did not have a name. We named her Annabell. The mother left her in hospital. People’s first reaction when they hear this is shock – how can a mother do such a thing. Here at Agape we have learned not to judge – we leave that with pleasure to our Heavenly Father. He knows every person and every circumstance – there for He is the only righteous judge. A few weeks after she came to us the family phoned and ask about her and then we met them. Beautiful people. The mother was only 17 years old – still a child herself. They become close friends and visited Annabell often – even take her home for a day or two. When she was two months old we decide that she deserves a follow up visit at the hospital so that they can look at her head that is growing too fast from the water accumulating in the head. When we phoned they did not want to give us an appointment and reassure us that she will die soon. Then one of our local doctors came to visit and phone the hospital. I can still hear her telling the doctor on the other side: “I hear what you say, but I am standing in a place where many miracles took place – we want an appointment.” Some of the doctors were very sympathetic; others just believe what they medically know and did not want to put in a shunt to drain the water. After much pleading they did put in a shunt, but when it got blocked up – they refused to do anything more. Then we just kept her and trust God to help us to do our best for Annabell. Here I want to applaud our housemothers in Asiphe Home for our disabled children. They are the best – because of their love and dedication to the children. To handle a child like Annabell where the head is almost as big as her body, is very difficult – almost impossible. With all the love and care they lifted Annabell on their lap and feed her as a normal baby. She drank out of a bottle and ate her food by mouth with a spoon. It was touching to see this. Her head was so heavy in the end that it was hard to pick her up and hold her – but nothing was too much for the housemothers. Our son, Gideon (who is a nurse), said that it is a plus point for the housemothers that Annabell died without any bedsores on her head. She had a special mattress, but still it was because of the care of the housemothers that she looked so beautiful when she died. The water became too much and shuts of her breathing. She was two years old on the 6th of April 2010. There was a huge party to celebrate this event. Her biological family and her family here at Agape were part of these celebrations. She looked so beautiful.

From the start I pray for her mother – as I do with all the children that come to us. I’ve prayed that she will come to know Jesus in a special way and receive His forgiveness that will give her peace. When I met the mother I told her that this is my prayer and she must let me know when it happens. A week before Annabell died she had a dream (vision) that if she accepted Jesus as her Saviour, He will heal Annabell. She accepted Him as her Saviour and at the funeral was strong enough to thank all the people who loved Annabell. Then she said something so beautiful – “Annabell taught me so much and because of her I am a child of God now and I want to urge everyone here to make right with God and become His child. Annabell was not healed here on earth, but is perfectly healed now in Heaven.” As Gerrit said in the service: Annabell did not need this earth, she was in Heaven all the time – but we as people on this earth needed Annaobell. She touched so many lives from all over the world. So many people came to know the miracle power of our God when they saw Annabell. She could not speak – but her life was her witness of a loving Heavenly Father that holds her life in His hands – no matter what anybody else said. She was always just content with her life. She did not raise her voice to get anything – she just gave love abundantly. We moan about little things – Annabell never complained about anything. She was an example to all of us. We want to thank everyone who prayed for Annabell and always asked how she was doing – you were part of her life.

 Now we want to introduce you to our new little one in Asiphe. Her name is Faith and she is one year old. She is so beautiful and crept into our hearts the very first day she arrived. She was in a baby shelter before and the people there just loved her and phone still often to hear how Faith is doing. So wonderful that she knows that she is loved. Father God did it again – He puts her into a family and we will love her that way. “A Father to the fatherless is God in His habitation, He sets the lonely into families (Psalm 68:5 + 6)