Nature Calls Adventures …the path less traveled, offers participants the opportunity of a lifetime to relax, rejuvenate and reflect in a wilderness space with wild animals and tribal people – African Bush Style. The experience supports Personal Development, Emotional Healing, Corporation Restructuring and/or Sporting Excellence.

Nature Calls Adventures take place in Southern and Eastern Africa, and in Italy. They are hosted by EcoPsychologist, Mandy Young who has thirty-one years of privileged experience journeying with clients of all ages towards emotional healing and good relationships. Added to this she has twenty-one years of enjoyment learning from wild animals – white lions, mountain gorillas, wild dogs, elephants, meerkats, dolphins and whales; and from tribal people – the Bushmen and the Maasai.

Mandy Young

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All these wilderness experiences have at their core the understanding that Mental Health and Environmental Sustainability are interdependent. An essential focus is Self-Discovery because it:

  • motivates,
  • creates confidence,
  • creative thinking,
  • passion and purpose.

Nature Calls Adventures…the path less travelled..impacts on the lives of Discerning Tourists, those seeking Emotional Healing, Corporate Participants or Sportsmen and Women who want to learn better how to connect with themselves and their families, their work colleagues or those in their sports team. Nature provides the context to use all our senses, even our much neglected intuition, and thus cutting-edge, competitive solutions are possible.

Animals with social behavior and tribal people are our teachers because they are well adapted to their environment and know how to survive in a changing environment. They know how to relate well and be a team. Thus their lifestyles offer Corporate participants the springboard to discuss Authentic Leadership, Corporate Structuring (or preferably de-structuring and de-centralizing) and consideration of future  trends that offer long term sustainability of production and employee wellbeing.

Sports & Safaris, a dimension of Nature Calls Adventures offer sportsmen and women a nurturing environment in which to prepare for sports challenges ahead. They learn to regain their intuition and the ability to make connected, split-second decisions in the heat of the game. Sportsmen and women train hard to develop optimal physical performance but also become aware of their strengths as well as their vulnerabilities as well as those of their team mates. As such they know well how to consider one another with awareness and fit together as a team to achieve sporting excellence.

You do not need to be a sportsman or women or a Corporate employee to participate in a Nature Calls Adventure. This path less travelled is for the Discerning Tourist who wants to engage in a WildLife Adventure that offers something unique, restful, adventurous and fun.

There are different groups of people who have engaged with Nature Calls Adventures for Emotional Healing and Personal Development. I have worked with:

  • Parents and children who are in the midst of the life transition challenges that Divorce and Separation evoke;
  • Those dealing with Bereavement.
  • Couples seeking to Enrich their Marriages;
  • Amputees rehabiltating back into life with a new self-image. We have walked together in the Umfolosi Wilderness where the highest  density of Predators roam, with crutches, rucksacks and prostehtics in tow. We have slept on rive banks and been close to many animals, birds and bugs behaving naturally in their environment, including a wonderful Elephant Bull.
  • I have worked with families receiving a Rehabilitated Addict back into their Lives and Homes – the Bush offers a place for these families to relax, have fun and re-negotiate what it is going to be like to be a family again, how trust is going to be rebuilt and discuss how the returning addict is going to find employment etc. Up to 80% of addicts return to Rehabilitation Centers because this negotiation has not been sucessfully managed.

My current Dolphin Research asks the question: Do Voluntary Inter-Species Interactions between free-swimming, wild Bottlenose Dolphins enhance Emotional Wellbeing and Emotional Intelligence in Humans that leads to a more Conservationary, Ecologically Intelligent Lifestyle that Protects the Dolphins?

Research participants include:

  • Those with physical differences – pregnant women, amputees and those with cancer to see if Dolphins use their echolocation to detect and respond to these differences.
  • Those dealing with loss through Divorce or Bereavement to explore whether Dolphin Encounters facilitate Emotional Healing.

All participants in the Nature Calls Adventures have the privilege of Mandy’s integrating expertise. She facilitates daily self-reflective discussion groups with guests after time spent with a specific aspect of Nature, a certain wild animal species or with a tribal group. The group discussion always has at its core self-discovery but the conversational theme may vary according to the needs of the specific group of people.

Some of the understandings Mandy has gained through her professional work and days in the bush are backed by the wisdom and expertise of other well known personalities, they include:

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